About our activities :

Our French School of Canoe--Kayak offers all year round possibilities for beginners of canoeing, paddling schools, sport schools, training courses, demonstrations, organized exits and excursions, competitions, etc.

We take part in the local life of the Valley L'Isle and many of its activities: Sports Challenges, Days at the edge of the water, Festival Excursion, Durable Development Week, Mobility Week, torchlight processions, etc.

We also organize many displacements enabling our paddlers to sail on the most beautiful rivers of France (of flat water on to moving river).

Summary of the canoe-kayak club in Neuvic:
-20 years of existence
-30 000 kilometers traversed on the roads of France every year,
-1000 accommodated hirers out each summer,
-a stock of more than 100 boats,
-40 voluntary trainers and paddlers.

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For the occasional kayakers and canoeists, we propose the 1 day chart:

You can take part in our activities and improve your level of paddling with our, paddling schools, organized exits, particular courses, etc.

Don't hesitate to consult us for all your requests.

In July and August, register your children with our summer training courses. They will be able to get involved with our paddle schools and have good moments with other children who practise the canoe-kayak all year round.

If you prefer to rent a boat, some strolls are not accompanied:

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For the regular practise, we propose the annual canoe chart:

Each one of our paddlers, according to their age, their level of experience, and their provisions, are able to build their own individual projects ( leisure, competitions, etc.).

Beginners can join in our paddling schools on wednesday ans saturday afternoon's. They can take part in the excursions on the calmest rivers and with the departmental training courses for beginners and summer training courses of the club.

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After a few years of practice, the club encourages its paddlers to become in their turn trainers and to intervene on the schools of paddle.

The kayakers and canoeists can practise multiple disciplines: descent, race in line, marathon, slalom, freestyle, etc. They are inviting to the leisure outings, training courses, and competitions organized by the club or by other federal structures.

The club also set up a school for sport with schedules arranged for paddlers ans those who wish for a more consequent sporting drive ( general physical preparation, running/jogging, fitness, mountain biking, swimming and improvement of navigation skills, etc.).

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